Add Hours to the Compensation Report of Workers: QuickBooks Payroll

Question: Consider a CPA firm who wish to add hours in the compensation report of the workers. How can they do so while providing both regular and overtime hours to their audit team in QuickBooks Payroll

Answer: At present there is no feature which would allow the user to add hours in the compensation report of the workers. But there is a way to incorporate hours by structuring another report named Payroll details separate from the compensation report. After compiling the report user can transfer the details in excel and create a third report consisting of combined details of the first two reports. To run payroll details report follow the given instructions:

• In the main window select the Reports tab from the menu bar.
• In the blank field named search type in Payroll details and then click on the highlighted option.
• Now go to date range and set it for your preferred date.
• In the Employee option highlight and select Summary by Employee tab from the drop down menu.
• Now click on the button Run Report.
• To export the report go to Share tab located in the right corner of top section of the report and then click on Export to Excel option.

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